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Watergardens can help you!

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If you need help choosing something green, from a single plant for your table-top, or choosing 500 plants to fill your garden, the team at Watergardens Nursery can help you.

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About us

The Watergardens team has extensive plant and landscape knowledge to share with you. Adam grew up in the nursery industry (some of you may remember Pamela's Garden World in Trinity Beach from the early 90's). Pam and Bob are Adam's parents! They bring a wealth of experience and wisdom to the team here at the nursery. Gavin and Bel have worked for many years in nurseries, while Georgia is also an expert in all things plants and has completed studies in Horticulture. 

We understand the Cairns tropical climate and the plants that are best suited for it. We have our own wholesale nursery right here in Cairns and grow many of the plants you see in our Nursery. We also try as much as possible to source plants from North Queensland to support local growers and to offer plants that are good value for customers and are best suited to our climate.


Our Customers

We want you to have a wonderful experience when visiting our nursery and to leave feeling confident that you have the right plant or product. If you are not sure about something, please ask one our our team! We will do all we can to help you.

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