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Plants and Pots go together like peas in a pod! Perfect for inside, on a porch, or as an outside garden feature. A pot can be a subtle frame for your plant, or the star of the show!

We are almost as passionate about pots as we are about plants here at Watergardens (it is a close second!)

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Green crucible
White Athens
Novelty pots
Glazed avocado
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Indoor pots

We have a pot to suit every person and plant! When you come into Watergardens, one of our friendly staff will be happy to help you choose the perfect pot to suit your needs.

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A pot to suit every plant

From large palms to a small succulent, we have the pot that will suit your plant. You may also be surprised at the range of plants that will grow very well in a pot.

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Outdoor pots

We have a range of pot colours and finishes, from glazed, ceramic, terracotta, and terrazzo. There are very lightweight pots to the heaviest of concrete pots. From traditional to modern – our pot menu is unique and varied!

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Colours galore!

We have over 50 styles of pots in many different, sizes, colours, patterns and textures! Come in and see for yourself the stunning range we have.

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